6 Simple Myths about Coworking You Shouldn’t Believe

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There are many myths about coworking out there, but are any of them true? It is easy to have pre-conceptions about what coworking is like, especially if you have never tried it before. In this post, I want to debunk some of the most common myths about coworking so that anyone who has been considering giving it a try can reassess whether you think coworking could work for you.

Coworking Myth 1: It is Expensive

This is one of the most prevalent myths about coworking that I hear. Lots of people assume that working in a coworking space is expensive. But actually, it doesn’t have to be at all and in many cases it works out to be great value for money.

It really depends on what you are looking for and the kind of tariffs that your chosen coworking space offers. For example, our tariffs start at just £10 for half a day and you can book as little or as often as you need. So let’s say you want to come for one morning a month just to get out of your house, have a change of scenery and meet with other women in business. £10 a month won’t break the bank. Likewise with our full day tariff which is just £15.

If you need something more frequent you just book more days. You are completely in control and there is no obligation.

If you need a private office, our smaller office can accommodate 3 people and is currently available for £475 per month or can be rented by the day, school day or half day.

You can check out all the prices here.

And also, don’t forget that working from a coworking space is a tax-deductible expense. So if you don’t have many expenses in your business you can claim your coworking and the parking costs against your tax.

Coworking Myth 2: Long Contracts Tie You In

When you rent a private office yourself, you will often be asked to sign a lease that can cover many years. For small businesses that may need more flexibility, this isn’t always ideal. This is where coworking spaces can step in as they do offer a lot more flexibility.

Obviously, with our daily and half-daily tariff, there are no contracts. You simply book as and when. If you book our private office, you are simply tied in for a month as you pay in advance. It is then a monthly rolling contract.

So no long leases to worry about. You are in control and you book what works for you.

Coworking Myth 3: Coworking Spaces Are Only in Big Cities

This coworking myth probably used to be quite accurate. The majority of coworking spaces were always found in big cities. But I can assume that if you are part of our community you will know that this isn’t true anymore.

Thanks largely to the Pandemic we have seen a shift in the number of suburban and rural coworking spaces that are popping up. As we embrace this new hybrid work model and large swathes of people are no longer required to commute to their Head Office to work, many employees are now looking for appropriate spaces to work in closer to home.

I predict that we will see more momentum when it comes to rural coworking but I am very proud of the fact that The Tribe was singled out as the only rural coworking space for women that featured in the book Sisters in Arms by Ivanne Poussier who conducted the first pan-European investigation of coworking spaces designed by and for women.

Coworking Myth 4: Coworking Spaces are Only for Extroverts

Nope. Not true. And really quite ridiculous when you think about it. It’s like saying cinemas are only for introverts. I myself am an introvert (most of the time), as are many of the women who regularly work here.

Granted, there is a social element to coworking as many women come here in order to meet and catch up with other like-minded women in business. But if that is not what you are looking for, nobody will force you to socialise.

We offer lots of opportunities for social interactions but it is entirely up to you how much you get involved.

Coworking Myth 5: Coworking Spaces are Noisy and Distracting

Obviously, such a sweeping statement couldn’t be true. No two days are the same in a coworking space, especially in a space as small as ours. Some days, we may have all the desks full and on other days it may just be me and one other person. Some days the women who come in know each other and may spend some time chatting, other days we may all have only just met. Some days, someone might be on a Zoom call, other days it might be extremely peaceful.

You simply can’t tell what it will be like from day to day. But what I would say is you have to give it a chance. It’s no good coming once and saying it’s too noisy because most days it really is nice and quiet. Likewise, it’s no good coming once and saying it’s too quiet and not social enough. Networks are built over time and you have to have the patience to allow them to form which can only happen if you come regularly.

Coworking Myth 6: Coworking Spaces are just for Freelancers & the Self-Employed

Whilst it is true that many of the people who use coworking spaces are self-employed entrepreneurs or freelancers, these spaces aren’t restricted to that particular audience. As we saw earlier, the Pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in the number of employees now working from home. To avoid the feelings of isolation that this can bring, many employees are now choosing to spend at least some of their working week working outside of home.

If you are a woman who works, either for yourself or somebody else, consider booking yourself a hot desk at our coworking space in Totnes. We’re building a lovely supportive community of coworking women from the South Hams and Torbay and we’d love to welcome you in.

And while you’re here, perhaps you would like to sign up to our newsletter so you can find out about our upcoming events for female business owners in and around Totnes.

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