What is The Tribe?

The Tribe is a small community-driven coworking space in Totnes that caters to creative, growth-oriented female entrepreneurs by providing an inspiring working environment designed to foster collaboration, connection and support. We strongly believe that your vibe attracts your tribe. And we sincerely hope that in visiting us and working with us you will find your tribe and feel like you belong.

Who are We?

Stacey Sheppard, founder of The Tribe coworking space in Totnes.

Stacey Sheppard is a freelance writer and award-winning blogger who specialises in interior design. She knows all too well how important it is to have an inspiring and comfortable workspace in order to maximise productivity and happiness at work. After working from home for a year, Stacey realised that she wanted to work FOR herself, but not BY herself. She works best when surrounded by like-minded individuals who inspire her to push herself outside her comfort zone. In search of her Tribe, and unable to find a coworking space that inspired her and that looked good, Stacey decided to set up her own. And The Tribe was born.

Our Space

The space that we use for The Tribe consists of two small offices that have been designed to be a more creative, stimulating and enjoyable workspace environment. A home away from home, if you like, where like-minded women can gather together to work, connect, and thrive.

It is well documented that a quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. We need to feel comfortable and calm in our physical work settings to produce our best work. Moreover, research into biophilic design suggests that bringing nature into a working environment fosters greater happiness and creativity. So expect lots of plants!

The Tribe isn't like other offices. You won't find any magnolia walls and isolating cubicles here!