Here at the Tribe, we know that not everyone who works for themselves needs to rent desk space. But coworking is about more than just having a desk to work from. It’s about the community and what we can learn from one another to grow and improve on our own businesses. A big part of our community is about providing opportunities to network and upskill. Keep an eye on this page to see to find out more about our upcoming events, courses and guest experts.

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Introduction to Human Design with Nette Hargreaves

We are extremely lucky to have Nette Hargreaves, founder of EMPOWERED, with us on the morning of 18th November 2021 for a Human Design introductory workshop.

EMPOWERED is all about reclaiming your sovereignty and self-expression in your everyday life – with ease and in a way that is exactly right for you. Discovering your unique soul signature means it’s less about needing to do more and more about letting go of what doesn’t serve you in order to live the life you were destined for.

Nette is passionate about women (and especially mamas) living our best life and being the feminine leaders in our everyday environment to inspire each other, our children and all future generations. She brings a uniquely magic mix of Human Design, Divine Feminine Wisdom and Pagan Priestess Power to inspire women to reclaim their innate sovereignty. She also loves fun and a little mischief.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is all about discovering YOUR design as a perfectly unique human soul.

At the most basic level, it’s about how we are designed to show up in our world and how to expend our available energy.

Human Design brings together several ancient and proven systems. This gives Human Design real depth and accuracy and makes it very different from questionnaire-based personality tests.

It’s about who we are destined to be and how we are designed to “do” life in the best possible way.

Your energy type is the foundation of your Human Design and your best starting point for creating empowered experiences and decisions.

What is included in the workshop?

A morning introduction to your Human Design energy type & personality profile

The workshop runs from 10.00 until 13.00

  • Discover your unique personal empowerment style
  • Explore how you can step into greater levels of self love & sovereignty in your everyday (business, wellbeing, family, relationships – whatever area of your life is most important to you right now)
  • Play with your personality profile – this is all about how you are designed to “do” life and how to access your full self expression so that you can bring your unique style and gifts into everything you do
  • Conversation
  • Fun
  • Yummy refreshments
  • All the support, follow up tools & journal prompts so that you can actually IMPLEMENT what you are learning straight away!

After lunch, it’s time for a half-day of coworking until 17.00. So don’t forget to bring your laptop and anything you’d like to work on.

How much is the workshop?

The workshop plus the half-day of coworking with refreshments is £44.

If you have any questions about the Human Design workshop, please email

If you’d like to book, please do so by clicking the button below. Numbers are very limited.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Within our community, we have so many extremely knowledgeable and talented female entrepreneurs who have the skills to help us take our businesses to the next level. Starting in August 2021, we will have an Entrepreneur in Residence here at The Tribe.

This will be a 3-month Residency, where a female entrepreneur will be chosen for the skillset and knowledge that they can bring to the table that can help other small business owners to transform their business. Each residency will focus on a different set of skills and how they can be applied to our businesses.

To find out more about our first Entrepreneur in Residence head over to our blog where we have an interview for you to read.

We are currently looking for people who would be interested in being our Entrepreneur in Residence for 2022. These are the slots that we are looking to fill:

January-March 2022
April-June 2022
September-November 2022

If you are interested in applying to be our Entrepreneur in Residence, please get in touch with Stacey

Brainstorm Your Business

Sometimes you can be so close to your business that it can be difficult to find the solutions that you seek or to continually innovate. When you are the heart and soul of your business it isn’t always easy to find that clarity that can help you to grow and thrive.

You can now book Claire and Stacey together for a 60-minute Zoom call to generate new ideas, get some clarity or to hash out whatever part of your business you might be stuck on. You leave with a firm idea of your next steps and an idea of the best tools and resources for you to use.

The cost for this is £150 for 60 mins. (Tribe Online members benefit from a 50% discount – see the member handbook for your discount code ) .

Book your session through Claire’s booking system below.

How to Manage Your Own PR…like a PRO

Tribe founder and freelance journalist Stacey Sheppard runs a course teaching you how to do your own PR like the professionals.

You will learn how to harness the power of PR to take your business to the next level, increase your sales, raise your brand awareness and create more business opportunities.

On this course, Stacey will share with you over a decade’s experience working on the other side of PR as a journalist and freelance writer. She knows exactly what journalists are looking for and by the end of the course, you will…

  • Have a clear understanding of what PR is and the benefits it can bring your business
  • Have identified the business objectives of your PR activities and know how to measure them
  • Get clear on your brand strategy, understand what makes you unique and know how to communicate this
  • Have a clear plan for your PR activities and be able to create your own PR calendar
  • Know how to create your media kit and what to do with it
  • Learn how to identify relevant media outlets and how to contact them
  • Get your products featured in your favourite publications or establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche
  • Be able to celebrate your PR successes

This course is for you if…

  • You have the time to dedicate to PR activities and you’re willing to put the effort in to see results
  • You have a great business but you are struggling to raise awareness of your products or services
  • You would love to get featured in the press but you have no idea where to start
  • You would like to be invited to talk on stage, radio or on a podcast
  • You would like to establish a reputation as an authority in your niche
  • You are committed to your own success and want to take your business to the next level

How is the course delivered?

The course will be delivered online and you can complete it at your own pace. It is designed to take 4 weeks to work through. If you need some extra accountability or support there is also an option to book a 1:1 zoom session with Stacey.

There will be a Facebook group for course participants with dedicated times to ask questions and network with previous course participants.

Want to sign up?

If this course sounds like it’s for you, we have two different options for you.

1. Online PR Course £199

4 weeks worth of self-study content including videos, an ebook, and a workbook to work through. This option is for you if you already have a pretty clear brand strategy and feel confident that you can work through the steps and create all of your own materials required for your PR activities. 

2. Online PR Course plus 1:1 Power Hour £299

This is the premium offering with limited availability. You will get all of the above plus you can send me all of the PR materials that you have created and I will go through them with my expert eye. I will help you to hone your approach so that you can make the most of your efforts and I will provide you with ways to improve your materials. You will get the chance to have a 1:1 (in person or on zoom) power hour with me where we can deep dive into any of the areas you are struggling with and refine your strategy. This must be booked within 1 month of the course completion date.

Members of The Tribe Online will benefit from a special offer when booking the PR course. Please contact Stacey for more details before booking.