Here at the Tribe, we know that not everyone who works for themselves needs to rent desk space. But coworking is about more than just having a desk to work from. It’s about the community and what we can learn from one another to grow and improve our own businesses. A big part of our community is about providing opportunities to network and upskill. Keep an eye on this page to see to find out more about our upcoming events, courses and guest experts.

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Brainstorm Your Business with Stacey

Sometimes you can be so close to your business that it can be difficult to find the solutions that you seek or to continually innovate. When you are the heart and soul of your business it isn’t always easy to find that clarity that can help you to grow and thrive.

Book a 1:1 session with Stacey to discuss any aspect of your business that you need to work through, plan for or strategize. This could be…

  • starting a brand new business
  • growing a business
  • collaborating with other businesses
  • pivoting a business
  • working out your strategy
  • chatting through to get clarity
  • signposting to other services that can help you in your business journey.

You leave with a firm idea of your next steps and an idea of the best tools and resources for you to use.

The cost for this is £60 for 60 mins.

Brainstorm Your Business with Stacey & Claire

If you would like to get another perspective on your business challenges and bring in a whole new skillset, you can now book Claire and Stacey together for a 60-minute Zoom call to generate new ideas, get some clarity or hash out whatever part of your business you might be stuck on.

Claire is a digital education specialist, writer and teacher. She supports entrepreneurs and small business owners in turning their expertise and stories into books and digital education products.

So if you need help creating or launching courses, ebooks, or lead magnets, writing your about page or sales copy for your website, or help setting up systems and technology to help you plan and run your business, Claire can bring all of this to the session. She is also a certified Coach and always knows where to signpost people or what books to recommend for additional support.

Between us, we have got you covered. You leave with a firm idea of your next steps and an idea of the best tools and resources for you to use.

The cost for this is £150 for 60 mins.

Branding & Marketing Deep Dive

If you are struggling to market your business and as a consequence find that sales are slow it may be that you haven’t properly done the ground work when it comes to your branding and you don’t have a clear marketing strategy in place.

Stacey has been helping companies to tell their brand story and reach new audiences for over 13 years now and has a wealth of expertise when it comes to branding, digital marketing and content creation.

Book Stacey for a 60-minute Zoom call or in-person meeting to have a deep dive into your branding and marketing strategy to discuss how effectively you are communicating your brand story to your ideal customers and how clear your marketing messaging is. You will come away with a defined set of improvements that you make and some resources to help you make those improvements.

The cost of this session is £120 for 60 minutes.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Within our community, we have so many extremely knowledgeable and talented female entrepreneurs who have the skills to help us take our businesses to the next level. Starting in August 2021, we will have an Entrepreneur in Residence here at The Tribe.

This will be a 3-month Residency, where a female entrepreneur will be chosen for the skillset and knowledge that they can bring to the table that can help other small business owners to transform their business. Each residency will focus on a different set of skills and how they can be applied to our businesses.

To find out more about our first Entrepreneur in Residence head over to our blog where we have an interview for you to read.

We are currently looking for people who would be interested in being our next Entrepreneur in Residence.

If you are interested in applying to be our next Entrepreneur in Residence, please get in touch with Stacey.