What is Coworking?

The word coworking was first used back in 2005 and describes the situation in which several workers from different companies share an office space. It has become really popular amongst self-employed people, independent consultants, freelancers, and small businesses. Coworking is great because it allows its users to share the costs of running an office space.

Coworking is a flexible solution for anyone who is looking to take the next step with their business. Offering flexible contracts that are designed to meet your business needs, coworking is perfect whether you need one or two days a month of office time or a full 5 days a week. You can work it to suit your needs and your budget.

Why Cowork?

Being self-employed and working from home can be a lonely and isolating experience. Juggling the demands of hectic family life whilst trying to run and grow a successful business is, without doubt, challenging.

Sometimes working from home can be full of distractions (Washing needs doing? Dishwasher needs emptying? Beds need stripping? Shopping to be done? I hear you!) It can be tough trying to feel professional, confident, motivated and inspired in an environment that is less than ideal.

And what about the loneliness? For many women, working from home is the dream, but what we don’t realise is just how lonely it can get having nobody to bounce ideas off of, to discuss challenges with, to problem-solve with and to generally lean on for support or motivation.

There are so many great reasons to cowork. Hit the button below to read up 10 benefits you will experience if you dec ide to come and cowork with us.


I’ve been freelance for five years and had never seen a co-working space that really appealed to me - until I found the Tribe! Working from the cosy office surrounded by inspiring women has been a revelation. Stacey is a pleasure to be around and everyone I have met there has been friendly, supportive and interesting. I hadn't realised how much I had missed being part of an office team but it has been fantastic to get out of my house and back into a more formal working environment. The Wi-Fi is great and being on the 2nd floor means there is solid mobile phone reception so it’s really perfect. The kitchen and coffee machine are an added bonus.
- Dorothy Burns, Creative Producer, Tender Union
Having run my own business from home for almost 4 years, I was starting to feel fairly isolated, less productive and missing the company of colleagues. Working at The Tribe has been an absolute godsend. Not only am I surrounded by likeminded, wonderful and creative ladies but I’m 100% more productive in my work and it’s really sparked enthusiasm for why I started my business in the first place.
- Emma Bunning, Celebrity Agent & Publicist, On The Box Talent
If you're a creative entrepreneur in South Devon then you need The Tribe in your life. I love the coworking space the owner, Stacey, has created and the flexible options for booking desks. However, this is much more than an office. Stacey understands the needs of freelancers and is brilliant at bringing together people who can get mutual benefit from working together. I've got a lot out of the workshops I've attended and I've met some incredibly inspiring people through The Tribe.
- Claire Hall, Travel Blogger and PR Professional
I had never used a coworking space before but since setting up my wood-burning art business - New Ember - I thought I would give it a try. [...] Although at this point I don't need a regular table, it's lovely to book a day here and there to be able to dedicate a day to computer-based tasks I need to get done. But this is for more than that. I have also met some truly talented and entrepreneurial women here and to be honest it has opened up my world.
- Lou Griffiths, Maker, New Ember
I absolutely love running my own business, but one of the few downsides is that it can be a bit isolating. Even video calls or meetings don't always quite cut it when it comes to human contact with like-minded people. I had been working from cafes for a while, when I could, but was actively looking to join a coworking space when I heard of The Tribe. I was really excited to be able to join other women that work for themselves to talk, collaborate, exchange ideas and have company and companionship through my working day. I have met so many interesting people so far, and look forward to meeting more and hearing what they do and how. The space is beautifully decorated, and very welcoming and warm. I really look forward to my days working there.
- Tara Barton, Founder & M.D, Birch & Wilde
Juggling working life with kid chaos is always a demanding task but since stepping out of my home environment and taking up a desk at The Tribe I have been so pleasantly surprised at how much more focused and productive I have been at work. It is more than the beautiful and calming environment, it is being surrounded by like-minded and focused entrepreneurial women who are paving their own way and creating their own rules when it comes to their businesses.
- Caoimhe McKenna, Interior Designer, Yellow Brick Road Design

Why The Tribe?

If you’re looking for a supportive and collaborative environment to help you reach your goals, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by likeminded women who share your values and can motivate you to reach your full potential.

The Tribe serves as a community that fosters connection of all kinds. The diversity of those working at The Tribe will lead to new networking opportunities on a daily basis.

Join our Tribe and work alongside potential clients, business partners, mentors, talented individuals open to collaboration and even new friends to go sea swimming with or join a boxercise or yoga class with.