Meet the Member: Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo sat cross legged on a stool covered in a sheepskin

Many of you will probably have already met Samantha Moyo as she is one of the longest-standing members of The Tribe. As a mainstay of our community and someone I find extremely inspiring, I wanted to feature her here on our blog so you can all find out more about her.

Also, Sam is hosting a Secret Beach Party next month which is being orchestrated by an all-female production team and will be bringing together strong female entrepreneurs from all over the country ready to connect and collaborate and help each other thrive.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’m a multi-hyphenate creative producer best known for founding and selling Morning Gloryville – the global dance movement. I grew this to 200,000 people across 23 cities within 18 months and then became a go-to innovation consultant and coach for community leaders and brands.

One of my latest passions is creating experiences for people to live unapologetically. I’m passionate about reconnecting women in particular with their primal and confident selves. I’m excited to be creating more experiences for joyful connections.

And what about your business?

My business is Moyo Experiences Ltd. The vision is to connect millions through joyful experience. We connect people through experiences; courses and retreats. And we value love, nature, playfulness and learning.

Can you tell us about The Secret Beach Party?

I’ve hired out a private beach called Blackpool Sands to put on a party. After the year we’ve all had, I thought a wiggle in paradise was in order. It’s an all-female DJ line up and there’s going to be workshops like sound healing; Voguing; clowning and breathwork. My hope is that all the mums in the area give themselves this day to play and reconnect with their wild side. The best thing about my events is everyone really can dress up and be whoever they want to be.

What has been your biggest achievement so far in your business journey?

There have been so many achievements: TED talks; featuring in over 3000 press articles; advising the UK and Singapore government; and helping other movement leaders with their strategies. But I think my biggest achievement is yet to come.

What is the biggest challenge you find in running your own business?

The biggest challenge has been sourcing talent in Devon. All the great people already run their own SME so a pain point for me is talent sourcing. It has however made me so much more resourceful and independent. But I’ve now realised it’s not scalable.

From your point of view as a coach, how has the pandemic affected people and how is this showing up in their businesses?

I think BECAUSE of the pandemic, people have been showing up more. I think there are health conditions like the fatigue of mind and body that have impacted pace but my observation is that people are more committed to their paths, mainly because there haven’t been so many other distractions.

What are your top tips for female entrepreneurs looking to ensure their business success?

The biggest block that female entrepreneurs seem to have is confidence. The top tip for business success is to get yourself out there and increase your visibility. Be bold with your decisions and stop underestimating what you are capable of. Assume success and if you fail, make sure it’s from giving it beans!!

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

I’ve been working on developing a tech business that is aligned with my mission of connecting millions through joyful experience. The current mission is finding 200 women who want to pay £20 per month to bring it to life. I’ll be sharing the details of this at The Secret Beach Party.

How have you found it being a part of our coworking community?

It’s been wonderful. Stacey is super responsive in terms of general customer service. And she also introduced me to the owners of Blackpool Sands which is how I found a venue for The Secret Beach Party. Everyone I’ve met at The Tribe is lovely. I wish for more time together.

The Secret Beach Party is taking place on Blackpool Sands Beach on 4th September 2021 from 12:00-18:00.

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