What is Human Design & How Can it Help Make My Life Easier?

A human design chart

Well, depending on how much you do (or don’t) know about Human Design, it may indeed not have done much for you… yet.

I am passionate about Human Design as a tool for feminine empowerment.

The problem is, I picked a modality that is fiendishly difficult to explain. Like a foreign film. It looks interesting (if a bit intimidating) but it defies easy definition and you’re never quite sure what it really means beneath the surface.

So let me make it easy for you:

What is Human Design?

Think of your first Human Design impression as that foreign film where what you see on the movie poster isn’t always what you get inside the cinema.

In Human Design, what you see is a scientific-looking, two-dimensional graph. What you get is the confirmation of what is energetically correct and aligned for you. It’s the satnav that simplifies our human experience and gets us to where we’re going, bypassing all the well-known roadblocks we’ve either gotten used to or circumnavigated before.

In helping women demystify their Human Design, I am the one who translates the gap between what it looks like and what it actually means. Who takes you by the hand and shows you how to transform what is on paper into a fully embodied, richly lived experience.

Because Human Design is just that – an embodied experience. An inside job.

Sure, we can obsess over every little detail in our minds. We can paralyse ourselves with wanting to know more and more intellectually without ever taking the action and following the detour (that turns out to be a shortcut) that our Human Design is highlighting to us.

If this is still a little abstract, then let’s dive in deeper:

Human Design is a powerful system that incorporates aspects of astrology with elements of the Kabbalah, the I Ching, and the Chakras to give us greater clarity about how to best use our energy and make the right decisions for us.

How Can Human Design Help to Make our Lives Easier?

Understanding, and more importantly, living our innate Human Design can stop us from questioning and overthinking what is right for us. It supports us in trusting ourselves to make better, more aligned choices.

Having this wisdom helps us to be a better person in all areas of our life – be it family, business or relationships. Most of all, having greater faith in ourselves and our unique gifts allows us to stay true to our own path and be less likely to be swayed by what others are doing or achieving.

Basically, it’s the ultimate “you do you”.

Unlike questionnaire-based personality tests such as Myers-Briggs or DISC, our chart is unique to us and us alone. It’s like finding our unique soul signature that gives us permission to let go of what doesn’t serve us in order to live the life we were destined for.

Best of all, discovering and living our Human Design isn’t about having to do more (because frankly, we all have too much stuff vying for our precious time and attention).

What I hear most in my Human Design conversations with women is this:

“I recognise myself in this but….”

The “but” is often followed by statements such as “ I was like this until… [insert major life event – starting a new job, entering a relationship, having children, looking after ageing parents, etc].

The truth is we already know our truth. It’s just that often we have decided that based on our current circumstances this truth isn’t practical or convenient. But it is. Trust me on this one!

Because by living our truth, we give everyone around us permission to do the same. As women, we are the energetic leaders of our environment. We can choose to lead from a place of martyrdom and overgiving or from a place of soulful feminine empowerment.

The second thing that always comes up is the palpable relief of discovering what is not energetically aligned for us. So rather than pouring energy into changing what isn’t working, we can actually allow ourselves to STOP and divert this energy towards what is working instead.

If this speaks to you and you are curious about how Human Design can support you in your personal and business life, I would love to be your translator and tour guide into your own uniqueness so you can bring even more of your own magic into everything you be and do.

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