Entrepreneur in Residence : Annemieke Hein

I am extremely excited to introduce our third Entrepreneur in Residence here at The Tribe. Much like an artist-in-residence, our Entrepreneur in Residence is someone with a specific skill or attribute who can provide advice and support for our community within their area of expertise.

In return, our community benefits from access to a trusted source of knowledge and experience at a preferential rate. Our Entrepreneur in Residence has put together a bespoke package aimed at serving the needs of The Tribe community.

And for the next few months, we will welcome Annemieke Hein as our Entrepreneur in Residence. So I have put Annemieke in the spotlight so that we can all get to know her a little better and find out more about what she has to offer our community.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. I am Annemieke Hein, I am a Devon-based brand and lifestyle photographer.

I help female entrepreneurs strengthen their online presence with captivating portraits and content imagery. I have always been inspired by creative connections and I love working with ethical brands and fellow creatives that are passionate about making a positive contribution.

I have lived and worked in various different places and countries, which has been a constant inspiration for my work and soul. Recently, I moved to beautiful Devon with my husband and two kids and I am excited to grow my roots here.  

I thrive on new experiences, I am a lover of a good dance, immersing myself in nature and music is my medicine.

And a little about your career journey?

I have been working as a portrait/brand and lifestyle photographer for the last 15 years. Originally I am from Holland, where I started my photography career studying for a BA in editorial/fine art photography. Over the years, I have built up my portfolio whilst working in the Netherlands, the UK, Cape Town, South Africa and now Totnes.

The experience of living and working in different countries and cultures has shaped me as a person and has pushed me to develop my creative journey.

I have had the great pleasure of working with many clients and individuals from small independent start-ups, and lifestyle magazines to working with fellow creatives such as interior designers and architects.

Why is brand photography so important?

In the visual-led world we live in, it is so important to stand out from the crowd and to create a connection with your clients with authentic brand imagery. Ultimately the power behind your brand is you!

Having a brand photo shoot done is taking a step further in developing your business, and I do believe all these little steps will make for long-term results.

What would you say to people who are nervous about having a branding shoot?

I am totally aware that putting yourself out there can sometimes be intimidating. It is totally understandable to be nervous in front of the lens and really most of my clients tell me they hate having their photo taken, so please know you are not alone!

Being in front of the lens can be daunting and make you feel vulnerable BUT rest assured, I will gently guide you into flattering poses. I will find the most beautiful light and give you the space to be yourself. Trust the process. My aim is for you to come away with images you are proud of.

What would your advice be to women that feel a bit intimidated by a photoshoot?

I am sure we all agree that as women we can sometimes be too hard on ourselves, too critical about that wrinkle here, or there, but really we are our own worst critics and they are not the things your audience will focus on.

I believe it is important to celebrate where we are at now, and not to put too much pressure on our appearance, as we are so much more than that.

To show yourself in an authentic way is such an important thing to do as that is what your potential customers want to see; the real you, the face behind the brand. It creates an emotional connection and builds credibility and trust.

I would love my clients to approach a brand shoot as a celebration of themselves and the business they have created.

Can you describe your approach to photography?

For my photography, I find inspiration in the beauty of people and places around me and my aim is to communicate a message that portrays the essence of my subject matter, whether it be an individual, a brand, a space or a story.  

What should people know about working with you?

Most people would describe me as a bubbly, energetic, and easy-going person. I see each shoot as a creative collaboration and I love connecting with people from all walks of life, which is one of the reasons I love this job so much.

My aim is to capture people as the best version of themselves, It feels great to be part of the ripple effect that it creates. I will go the extra mile to make sure my clients are happy.

As our Entrepreneur in Residence, how will you be able to help our community?

I offer various packages, which can include portraits, behind-the-scenes shots, products, and lifestyle imagery to suit your marketing needs and budgets, ranging from £135 – £650.

During my time as Entrepreneur in Residence, I am very excited to offer additional MINI shoots. They are an affordable way to start accumulating professional portraits and perfect for those who find the idea of longer shoots a bit daunting.  They are a great taster of what a brand shoot can offer you.

If you would like to find out more about the support that Annemieke is offering to our community over the next few months, please click below.

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